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G Suite Catchall Email Address using 33mail

If you manage your domain using G Suite you may be interested to know that you can use it in conjunction with 33mail as a catchall service. This way you get all the benefits of 33mail (easy management of aliases, managed replies, etc) while also routing your primary address through G Suite with all of its features.

Setup is simple but will require a 33mail Premium account (only $12 per year)

NOTE: This feature is only available on paid G-Suite accounts. If you have a ‘Legacy Free’ account It will allow you to set up the route but it will just bounce emails instead of forwarding them.

  • Log into your gsuite admin account and go to Gmail Settings

    • gsuite domain==/AdminHome#AppDetails:service=email


    • From G Suite home :
    • Click the menu at the top left
    • Select Apps -> Gsuite -> Gmail
  • Select Hosts

  • Select Add Route

    • Name : 33mail routing
    • Select Single host
    • Host name:
    • Port: 25
    • Uncheck ‘Perform MX Lookup on host’
    • Uncheck ‘Require secure transport’
  • Click save

  • Select the ‘Default Routing’ Section

  • Click ‘Add Setting’

    • Select ‘All recepients’
    • Select ‘Modify Message’
    • Check ‘Change route’
    • Select 33mail routing
    • In options
    • Select ‘Perform this action only on non recognised addresses’
    • Click save
  • Thats it.

  • Setup your domain in 33mail and G Suite will pass mail for any address not handled by G Suite will be passed to 33mail for processing.