Credit card support

We now offer payments via credit card for those of you not comfortable using paypal. Just click ‘Pay with card’ on the invoice page when you upgrade/renew and we will take it from there.


4 thoughts on “Credit card support

  1. Isi

    Where can I see, for how long my premium subsription has been renewed, after I have paid for 12months plus?

    1. andrew Post author

      If you mouse over the ‘Premium’ text in the header beside your username you will see the expiry date. We plan to make this more obvious.

  2. vanbe010

    If you already have the premium service is the following year autobilled? Can the payment method be updated?

    1. andrew Post author

      Yes it will be autobilled. You can update your card details by going through the checkout process again with your new card. You will not be billed until your next billing date.


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