Introducing the 33mail Chrome Extension

We have just released the initial version of the 33Mail Chrome extension here.

The main purpose of this extension is to make creating a 33mail alias as simple as possible. Whenever you visit a site and the extension detects an email address signup field it will automatically fill in an appropriate 33mail alias saving you the trouble of doing all that typing. You can also choose to have it not auto-fill the email address fields and rather only fill it when you click on the handy button in your browser bar.

We already find the extension very useful and hope that our users do too. We would love to hear your feedback and feature requests for the extension so leave a comment here or on the extension page here.

6 thoughts on “Introducing the 33mail Chrome Extension

  1. Sandi

    I use IE9, don’t use Chrome, and don’t want to use your Browser Plugin. How do I add my 1st email address then? I don’t see any buttons or anything offering that to me on the tab about managing my email addresses.

    1. andrew Post author

      You dont need to do anything to create a new alias. Just make one up, it will be automatically activated when someone sends a mail to it.

  2. Julien


    Is there any hope to see this extension on other browsers? I use opera and I’d really love using this extension!

  3. andrew Post author

    We will most likely work on Firefox and Safari versions next then onto Opera. Watch this space.


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