Check out our updated dashboard

The new site looks very similar to the old one but it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using the same technology used to build Facebook. The new UI is more functional and much snappier to use. It will also make it much easier for us to add new features in the near future.

Features of note in the current release include :

  • Single page design which makes for a much snappier user experience
  • Full ssl support
  • Updated alias management tool33mail search
  • Simpler Block / Hide buttons33mailblockhide

We would love to hear your feedback on the new site and if you run into any bugs, If you do find a bug please let us know at stating your username along with your os and browser versions.

7 thoughts on “Check out our updated dashboard

  1. Alan

    Suggestions ( you asked for them )

    1) The “manage aliases” page should show 100 emails at once. The current 30 isn’t enough. Maybe make it an option to show 30 or 100 or 200 or whatever per page.

    2) There should be a bare-bones email client to send emails. There is currently no way to initiate contact with someone using their new 33mail address as the reply-to without revealing our own email address.

    3) Why are you not sending what your filter thinks is spam? I have to wonder if it is filtering out something I should receive. You should let us decide whether an email is spam and whether to block that address. At least make it an option.

    Otherwise, your service works well. Keep that up.

  2. Bob

    Could an app be possible at some point in the future? An iPhone/iPad app could help you reach a greater audience although I know it’s obviously a lot of work…

    1. andrew Post author

      A native app is unlikely in the short term. We will be working to make the webapp fully responsive though which will help with usage on a portable device.

      1. Christian

        Just wanted to comment and say that I support this 100%. Devoting time and resources to a mobile app for a service such as this would be counterproductive.

        Focus on creating a sustainable subscription model that won’t break the bank for average users, expanding premium user features to generate the income to keep 33Mail in business – as well as keeping the development progress moving forward. And I only mention this because there are far too many web services, including “temporary” email services, that fizzle out. It’s frustrating and hard as a user when settling into a platform, to know that it may end up being temporary.

        Rather than a native or mobile app, I would say that updating and enhancing the Chrome extension would be beneficial (at least I would like that).

  3. Cliff Sydow

    Been using many anonymous email services throughout the years. 33mail is actually very simple and elegant in it’s design.
    Good service!
    Thank you.

  4. teeru ku

    Is it currently possible to view what is getting blocked as ‘spam’ ?
    I am missing a lot of emails from some of the new domains that your filter things are spam but are actually useful.


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