33mail Pro – For our power users

We have just added a new account type, 33mail Pro.

It offers the following :

  • 500MB monthly bandwidth limit
  • 100 anonymous replies per day
  • Up to 5 custom domains
  • All premium features

All for the low low cost of $60 per year.

We hope that this will keep our power users happy.

9 thoughts on “33mail Pro – For our power users

  1. Evan


    Do we get credit for our pro subscriptions if we have to upgrade? I’m being forced to upgrade because of the caps on the premium account, even after being with you guys from the beginning.

    How about a 100mb limit for Premium subscribers?

    Also how does it work? Is it 50 mb for all mail including blocked aliases or is it 50mb for mail that is delivered?

  2. andrew Post author

    Yes you will be refunded pro rata for your premium subscription if you upgrade to pro. The 50MB limit on a premium account counts for all emails forwarded to you. Blocked aliases will not result in bandwidth usage as we do not accept the email.

    The 50mb limit is quite generous I myself being a heavy user of 33mail have never even gotten close to this limit.

  3. HC

    Nice feature! I’m definitely upgrading. Are these pro accounts able to set an anonymous mail names per domain?

    Another thing I would like to see on pro accounts is an auto expire feature of email addresses that contain a configureable character.

    For example, if an email address at my domain contains the letter x I would like to expire all mail received on this address after y number of configureable days after the first email is received on this alias.

    For example: On the portal I configure ‘x’ to be my expire character and 30 days as the alias limit. If 33 mail then receives email on userx@domain.com today and anotheruserx@domain.com it will auto block these aliases at different times . On the first 30 days from now and on the second 37 days from now.

  4. Mark

    I just started using 33mail and I think it’s brilliant. Some premium features I’d like to see:
    – Custom reply names per alias.
    – The option to require aliases to be pre-created before accepting mail. If a spammer figures out that a custom domain is hosted by 33mail they can send mail to pretty much any e-mail address, and we’d have no ability to prevent it. Granted the likelihood is probably small, but it’s also “security through obscurity” in that the only reason it isn’t happening is because no one knows about it.
    – Generate random e-mail aliases.
    – Multiple forwarding addresses (so that I could also protect a work address).
    – Access to logs (just logs, not e-mails) to see what was forwarded/blocked in addition to counts and bandwidth stats.

    Thanks for creating such a great service, and keep up the good work!


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